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Romney Supports McCain – Is This News?

So I see Romney is supporting John McCain’s bid for another 6 year term as a Senator from Arizona. Does this shock anyone? I know it doesn’t shock me. This is just one big government Progressive supporting another big government Progressive. Yes, my dear readers, the Democrats don’t hold the patent on progressivism. Look no further than the Bull Moose himself, President Teddy Roosevelt, who ran for President for the Progressive Party. His main opponent is J.D. Hayworth, a former Republican Congressman from Arizona. I don’t know enough about Congressman Hayworth to form an opinion yet, but he seems better than McCain. Once I know more about this race I will get back to you. All freedom loving Republicans should run from anyone supported by Mitt Romney. Just look at the failure of MassCare, or RomneyCare in political circles. This is statewide ObamaCare lite. The only real reason McCain and Romney don’t support ObamaCare is because Barack Obama is a democrat. Neither are philosophically opposed to big government spending programs. They just want the credit for them.

So this is not news, hell it isn’t even worth the ink to print this in newspapers, but print it they will. If the best we can hope for in the 2012 election is Mitt Romney and the like, this Republic, this “shining city on a hill” is all but done for. The criminal squandering of this and future generations will take us down into the trash heap of history. A footnote like the Egyptians, Romans, and Mongols.

So You Want Some Free Government Healthcare?

Today is the oft touted healthcare summit between the Dems and the GOP, never mind that the President pre-empted the summit with the release of his own bill, or should we say outline of a bill, and had threatened the GOP with using Reconciliation, or what the Dems called the Nuclear option not so long ago when they didn’t like the idea of having a bill shoved down their throats. This was on Monday. Today he is claiming to want both sides to work this out. This is humorous since the President has had a filibuster proof majority in the Senate and a bill passing majority in the House as well. This could all be done without a since member of the GOP supporting it. As we all know though, the problem is the partisanship in Washington, it just seems to be partisan’s within the Democratic Party. Seems the war is between traditional Democrats and Progressives, and cancerous evil upon the political system.

So imagine my surprise when we get this glowing report on what is called an "elite" NHS hospital in the UK. Were the patients of Mid-Statfordshire NHS Trust hospital singing and dancing up and down the hallways? Where they singing the praises of how "Free Healthcare" was working so well? Were they praising how clean Mid-Staffordshire was, like Biden did for the President? Sorry, I know that is what you were hoping for. Instead they were dying. Another fine example of the levels of care you get when the government.

That must just be in UK though. Canada has great healthcare, right? Don’t get your hopes up. They are now using a lottery system to see if you get a primary care physician in Norwood, Ontario.

Yes, our healthcare system has issues, but government is not the solution, government will make the finest healthcare system in the world even worse. Furthermore, the Constitution doesn’t allow for Federal control of healthcare, nor does the Government have the money to pay for it all. ObamaCare is a bad pill to swallow.

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The Cost of Political Gafts

Today, it has been announced that the Obama administration is going to spend $1,500,000,000 to shore up home loans in 5 states (California, Arizona, Nevada, Florida, and Michigan). He is announcing this at his town hall meetings in Las Vegas, the hardest hit city. This is nothing more than a political bribe. In each of these states members of Congress from the Democratic party are on the ropes.

A fine example of this is Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader, who is quickly on the way to the unemployment lines. As the campaign there continues, we are sure to see Reid swing sharply to the center to try and get the people of Nevada to think he is centrist, which his voting record contradicts, though that has never deterred a politico like Reid.

This is also a pay off to Las Vegas, after multiple gafts by our President, pointing out Las Vegas as the symbol for unwise spending by all us citizens. The repeated slanders against Las Vegas have put him at odds with the Mayor of Las Vegas whom refused to meet with the Obama because of this. I say good for Mayor Goodman, an independent and former Democrat.

Sadly, to help his buddies in Congress, we the American people are going to have to once again foot the bill. This bribe is only going to cost about $15 per taxpayer, though with out "progressive" tax system we know that some will pay far more of this $1.5B bribe than others. Furthermore, we learn where that money is coming from in the above linked article, it is coming out of the TARP bill.

TARP has become the never ending political bank, even though the provisions of the bill do not allow the money to be spent on other projects. The banks have been paying it back, but the administration isn’t returning it to the public or paying off our ever growing debt, it is using it as a slush fund to fund pet projects at our expense.

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The Mockery of the Legal System

I have been a long time reader and watcher of Bill Whittle. First, at his blog EjectEjectEject, and also his videos, Afterburner, over on PJTV. Whittle discusses his recent experience with our legal system recently, and how this ties in with the Obama administration’s decision to try terrorists using civilian trials, and the mockery this makes of a fundamental tenant of our system of government. He could not be more spot on. So first watch Bill’s excellent video essay on this.


As Bill points out, the assertions of the Obama administration, that we should not worry about the outcome of the trials is preposterous. Civilian trials come first and foremost with the presumption of innocence. So even though KSM has admitted and boasted about his involvement and planning of the 9/11 attacks, he will be presumed innocent. Furthermore, as Bill points out, there are requirements and rules of evidence afforded in civilian trails. Since the Miranda case, all criminals are read their rights, without which all admissions of the accused are inadmissible in a court of law, which is exactly where the Obama administration is planning to send these terrorist scum.

Furthermore, those who pass through our civilian legal system cannot be touched or coerced into providing information. One thing people on both sides of the political spectrum can agree upon is that this is a good thing in the civilian legal system. The problem is KSM was coerced, in fact we know that he was water boarded. This post is not to discuss water boarding of terrorists or whether this is legal or moral, it is to discuss the trial of terrorists in US civilian courts, and by the rules of civilian trials, we cannot water board a suspect. The aforementioned two reasons are alone enough to get any suspect off in civilian courts.

The administration though has assured us that they would be tried and found guilty and sentenced to death. They have essentially stated that these are mock show trials with foregone outcome. That even though we didn’t Mirandize them or follow civilian standards for rules of evidence and treatment of suspects, that would certainly allow murderers to walk free, that these terrorists will not walk, but will be convicted and executed. This makes a mockery of our legal system and the protections afforded us by our Constitution. It will show that our rights and our fair trails are at the whims of the President, putting our legal system more in line with those of Saddam’s Iraq or the Taliban’s Afghanistan, than in line with the system given to us by our founders and the English common law we derive our system from.

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Well, after two years of not writing, I have decided to start again. I decided to use this as an outlet for my thoughts on many topics. There will be posts on politics, guns, shooting sports, cooking, travel, and whatever else tickles my fancy at any given point. I am treating this as a digital barber shop, where we come together to talk and debate and otherwise have a good time. So welcome to Rantings of an Okie, I will see you soon.

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